A collection of white papers with insights on go-to-market areas.

Sales Human Capital Management

Sales Human Capital Management (SHCM) is the approach used to acquire, prepare, use, motivate, and monitor investments in sales resources to drive the company’s go-to-market strategy. The consultants at Sales Economics explain next what constitutes SHCM, how to achieve sustained sales success with it, and who should lead the efforts to leverage such a key enabler of managerial execution.

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Pricing Execution - Beyond the Price Waterfall

The Price Waterfall is a great tool for understanding the effect of pricing and discounting – but it’s only a starting point. It is of limited value if it is not preceded and accompanied by efforts directed at the other influences on the pricing operation. Properly linking the Price Waterfall to them is indispensable to gain control over how much actually ends up in the company’s pocket.


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Sales Operations Maturity - Why Does It Matter?

Executives and senior managers leading transformation initiatives in sales operations need a way to assess the current state of their organizations. The concept of operations maturity constitutes a useful framework to address such need. The leaders of consulting firm Sales Economics, Inc. explain the meaning of maturity and capability in practice, the pros and cons of using models to assess current states, –including some of the most popular models–, and describe a simple and effective assessment for sales operations.

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Supply Chain Has an Operations Strategy – Does your Sales Organization?

Companies typically apply operations strategy to the Supply Chain, establishing clear principles and processes for operating and, directed at specific goals such as reducing costs and speeding up delivery times. The leaders of consulting firm Sales Economics, Inc., explain that applying the same kind of strategy to the Sales Organization can help the company make best use of resources and increase company competitiveness and profitability.


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