Challenges surface when business strategy and operations strategy are not well aligned.

In fact, since the pulse of the firm is often felt in Sales and Operations, it is there where we frequently see the first symptoms of trouble.

When some organizational symptoms are present, such as

Outgrowing your organizational chart - since you are expanding and hiring faster that you can manage new people.

No one talking inside the company - and you find yourself without an interlocutor to address your pressing challenges.

Sales and Marketing speaking different languages - while sales stall but go-to-market expenses grow.

We can help you

Revisit your operating model and determine what is that you need to emphasize, adjust or eliminate.

Then we help you build a road map of operational improvements that focuses on the priorities, the competitive situation, and available resources.

Specifically in high technology firms, with short product life cycles, driven by fierce innovation and competition, we help you revisit your business model (lean) canvas, and your strategy and system maps.

When some Sales and Marketing warning signs surface, including

Seeing your good Sales people leave - to not so great places.

Feeling that you have no message! 

Witnessing that your customers are deserting you - and there are no clear reasons.

We can help you


Obtain insight into opportunities for increasing revenue or lowering selling cost by affecting sales support and pricing execution processes.

List and rationalize those opportunities through quantitative models, making it straight forward to prioritize and build a case for specific improvements in sales support efforts.

Specifically in high technology firms, with short product life cycles,  driven by fierce innovation and competition, we help you clarify, measure, and improve the alignment of offering and channels to customers.

When operational issues loom and you feel that

Proven formulas aren’t working - despite repeated attempts to make things work.   

You grew too fast, too soon - and things are not as good as before.

There is a need to invest but you don't not know where  - and so clarity of thought and action are badly needed. 

We can help you


Build a quantitative baseline for any improvement efforts, with demonstrable ROI of any undertaken improvement project.

Identify opportunities for productivity and effectiveness improvements in operations, from new product introductions, to pricing, sales, support, and analytics.

Specifically in high technology firms, with short product life cycles, driven by fierce innovation and competition, we help you develop process maps, blue prints and scorecards. We also build financial and operational models to see the trade-offs between these two perspectives.