Unlock Your Growth & Opportunity Potentials.

Enabling and Managing Explosive Growth

Situation - One of the largest e-retailers of shoes and apparel had outstripped its systems infrastructure for merchandising operations. 
The e-retailer needed to determine where to start to address these challenges. 

Considerations - Success had hidden bottlenecks and problems in its business processes and systems.


Solution - Sales Economics assessed existing business processes and designed a low-risk implementation road map with quarterly deliverables.
The plan and its execution paid attention to cultural fit, operational approach, and growth strategy. 

Results - A year later, this project had already delivered major process improvements and was supporting about 60 percent growth in sales (and 20 percent above the financial plan).

Capturing Value with Pricing

Situation - A leading provider of video compression technology needed to define a pricing framework to accommodate its strategy, serve the needs of different types of customers, AND capture the value of its advanced technology.

Considerations - The vast majority of its customers in the Media industry were larger, distrusted small firms (such as this client), and required vast resources to be served.

Solution - Sales Economics developed the model to price offerings using the principles of value pricing and existing client alternatives. It considered their price sensitivity levels and purchasing power.

Results - With this framework at hand, the company has been closing deals with bigger and more demanding customers, and has stopped chasing small and unprofitable deals.

Practical Sales Analytics for Field Sales

Situation - A global networking equipment manufacturer had the most powerful pricing analytics system in the industry but could not share its potential with field sales personnel.

Considerations - The firm already had dedicated finance personnel supporting field sales but without the immediate and precise response needed to execute in the field.

Solution - In partnership with a technology provider Sales Economics identified the few key metrics and data sets that field sales required for a proper financial analysis and designed the process and tools to do so.

Results - Eventual implementation shortened sales response time to clients' requests at a massive scale.

Understanding Impact of Strategic Choices

Situation - A leading technology player in streaming technology had been approached by large entertainment players interested to adopt its technology. The firm required a decision about the business model that had to adopt to capture its SOM and engage with these players.

Considerations - Simultaneous domestic and global partnerships and operations already existed.

Solution - Using a back to basics approach, and analytics, Sales Economics helped the firm identify the key levers for short and mid term growth, a path to profitability, and hidden real options for strategic advantage.

Results - Focused, sustainable growth is happening at the firm. Upside potential has not been hindered by the recent choices.